Description   We tabbified your current Windows File Explorer by wrapping BrightExplorer around it, and added other advanced functionality for example a brand new favourite panel!
Genre   Productivity
Platform   Windows 7/8/10
Cost   FREE!
Unlimited Favourites
Description   Allow more than 10 favourites. A Favourite is a bookmark to your favorite file locations stored in a logical tree structure.
Cost   $3.00
Unlimited Dragging of Tabs to Favourites
Description   Allow more than 4 Tabs to be dragged to a Favourite Group.
Cost   $3.00
Unlimited Detaching of Tabs
Description   Allow more than 1 Tab to be detached from BrightExplorer to the Desktop.
Cost   $3.00

Can't find the BrightExplorer icon in notification area
  • If the BrightExplorer icon isn't displayed in the notification area, then it is hidden in the notification groupbox. To have the BrightExplorer icon permanently displayed in the notification area:
    1. Click the up arrow (it looks like this ^) button in the notification area
    2. Click "Customise..." Hyperlink
    3. Search for BrightExplorer and select the "Show icon and notifications" from the DropDownBox
    4. Click "OK"
  • If everything went as expected you should now see the BrightExplorer icon in the notifications area.
How to login and buy Add-On's
  • To login and buy Add-On's right click the BrightExplorer icon in the notification area and select the appropriate option from the menu.
How to Exit BrightExplorer
  • To Exit BrightExplorer right click the BrightExplorer icon in the notification area and select the exit option from the menu.
What is the diference between Closing or Exiting BrightExplorer?
  • Closing will cause BrightExplorer to reduce it's CPU usage to 0.01% (Sleep)
  • Exit will cause BrightExplorer to close all tabs and end.
How do I open a SQL database in SQL Server Management Studio from a Favourite?
  • Usage of SQL Studio Management Studio on the command line:
    • sqlwb.exe(2005) or ssms(2008-12).exe [-S server_name[\instance_name]] [-d database] [-U user] -P password [-E] [file_name[, file_name]] [/?]
      • -S    The name of the SQL Server instance to which to connect
      • -d    The name of the SQL Server database to which to connect
      • -E    Use Windows authentication to login to SQL Server
      • -U    The name of the SQL Server login with which to connect
      • -P    The password associated with the login
      • file_name[, file_name]    names of files to load
      • -nosplash    Supress splash screen
      • /?    Displays this usage information.
  • Examples:
    • SQL Server 2005:
      • In the Path edit box type: Run sqlwb.exe -nosplash -S ServerName -D DBName -U UserName -P Password
    • SQL Server 2008-12:
      • In the Path edit box type: Run ssms.exe -nosplash -S ServerName -D DBName -E
How do I query a SQL database and get the results opened by excel from a Favourite?
  • Usage of MySQLQuery:
    • Run SQLQRY.bat SQLServer\Instance Database UserName Password "Select..." "MyResults.csv"
    • Parameters:
      1. SQL Server instance
      2. database
      3. login username
      4. Password
      5. SQL Query to run
      6. Results filename
  • Example:
    • Run SQLQRY.bat SQLServer\Instance Database UserName Password "SELECT TOP 10 * FROM [Table] ORDER BY [Field] desc" "My_ResultsFileName"
How do I create a favourite that opens a remote Desktop Session?
  • Usage of Remote Desktop on the command line:
    • mstsc.exe [connection file] [/v:server[:port]] [/admin] [/fullscreen]] [/w:width] [/h:height] [/public] [/span] [/edit "connection file"] [/migrate] [/?]
      • /v:    server[:port] Specifies the remote computer that you want to connect to.
      • /admin    Is used for administration of a Remote Desktop Session Host server.
      • /f    Starts Remote Desktop Connection in full-screen mode.
      • /w:width    Specifies the width of the Remote Desktop Connection window.
      • /h:height    Specifies the height of the Remote Desktop window.
      • /public    Runs Remote Desktop Connection in public mode.
      • /span    Matches the remote desktop width and height with the local virtual desktop, spanning across multiple monitors if necessary. To span across monitors, the monitors must be arranged to form a rectangle.
      • /multimon    Configures the Remote Desktop session monitor layout to be identical to the current client-side configuration.
      • /edit "connection file"    Opens the specified .rdp connection file for editing.
      • /migrate    Migrates older connection files that were created with Client Connection Manager to new .rdp connection files.
      • /?    Lists these parameters.
  • Example:
    • In the Path edit box type: Run mstsc.exe /v:myServerName /f


Version History
      1. Opens websites with the WebBrowser which is set as default.

        1. Total CPU load for all Window's processes and services exceeds 35%,
        2. Focus is lost, while staying open,
        3. Cursor moves past the BrightExplorer perimiter,
        4. User clicks on the [X] retiring BE to the Notifications Tray.

        Open Resource Monitor to see the effect on the CPU load for yourself.
      1. Improvement in saving the tree for new Username
    1. General:
      1. More robust actioning of handles on windows server.
      2. Thread ApartementState STA applied to all threads
    1. Favourites:
      1. Node colors,
      2. Node CPU optimisations.

    1. Tab Break-out Feature:
      1. Tabs containing an Internet Explorer session now breaking-out better.
    1. Drag & Drop of all Multi-Selected Tabs to Favourites group,
    2. BrightExplorer's Single-Instance method.
    1. New Colour coding in the favourites tree,
    2. Copy a Favourite by doing a Drag & Drop on to a target Favourite node while Right_Clicking,
    3. Capture a Desktop Application, similar to capturing a Tab after having broken it out of BrightExplorer I.e. Left_Click on its border and while dragging it, hover the cursor over a Tab inside BrightExplorer,
    4. New Drag & Drop feature for moving / copying from one tab to another,
    5. Run a specific SQL Query from a Favourite, open the results in Notepad or Excel,

    1. Various small bug fixes.
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